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In-Building Cellular Boosting - Modular Approach

Signal Compliance focuses on providing cost-effective cellular boosting solutions for buildings from 25,000 to 400,000 square feet.

All buildings have different cellular signal reception - some have great coverage with one mobile operator, but poor reception with another. Other buildings may suffer poor zone coverage on certain floors or only one side of the building.

Signal Compliance offers a modular approach to boost indoor cell coverage. Only areas with weak signals are boosted, saving the building owner from installing an expensive multi-carrier DAS head-end and new fiber optic cabling throughout the building.

Landline use is becoming a thing of the past. Today's building occupants use mobile devices both indoors and outdoors. Strong in-building cellular coverage is a requirement. Healthcare, campuses, office buildings, and hotels must have good coverage to retain clients.

SCS' modular approach offers a low-cost solution with excellent signal coverage.

Public Safety

IFC 510 / NFPA 72 Fire Codes mandate new buildings over 25,000 sq/ft must have adequate in-building radio coverage for Emergency Responders.

Unfortunately, the building's critical areas normally have the weakest radio coverage: basements, stairwells, elevator areas, and fire control rooms.

For new construction, SCS first goes on location and tests the outdoor Public Safety radio signal levels. Building plans and materials are also importated into radio modeling software that provides optimum equipment placement at lowest cost.

Contractors can plan and install cables Public Safety signal-boosters prior to construction.

If you're organization is planning to uses SCS for cellular boosting, we can simultaneously test Public Safety for future deployment.

SCS holds and FCC Commercial GROL, the highest license issued by the FCC and is authorized to work on Public Safety networks.

Who We Work With

Colleges/Universities, Healthcare, Hotels, Commercial Buildings

Average Building Sizes 25,000 to 400,000 sq/ft


Building owners rely on SCS to provide performance specifications and custom solutions for individual structures, From testing, engineering design, equipment installation, and ongoing service, SCS delivers.


SCS works directly with architectural firms and contractors to design in-building cellular networks and emergency radio coverage (ERC) equipment during new construction.


SCS ensures colleges and universities have strong cellular coverage to receive Emergency Mass Notification alerts as per the Clery Act.

We Deliver

SCS is passionate about making buildings safe for occupants and First Responders.

Our cellular enhancement & booster systems add a second dimension to safety while improving the quality of service for tenants.

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