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In-Building Public Safety - Enhanced Cellular / DAS Coverage - WiFi Solutions

Public Safety Compliance

New Fire Codes established by the IFC Section 510 and the NFPA 72 Section 24, require coverage of 95% of buildings with a minimum radio signal strength of -95 dBm for all Public Safety frequencies.

Just like cellular phones, First Responders' radio signal levels are not consistent throughout the entire building.  A signal may be strong near a window or doorway, but weak and non-compliant in a emergency exit stairwell or basement area.

Low signal levels present an increased risk to First Responders and occupants...and a potential liability to building owners.

SCS designs, tests, installs, and services BDA's (bi-directional amplifiers) to ensure Fire Codes are achieved.


In-Building Cellular / DAS and WiFi

: Cellular operators are responsible for providing adequate signal strength inside of buildings.

Fact: Building owners are responsible for providing indoor cellular coverage.

Tenants rely on cellular service and WiFi to perform their jobs and personal communications. Strong cellular and WiFi servics are a required building amenity to satisfy tenants in-building voice and data requirements.

Building owners can promote a "Cellular and WiFi Enhanced Property", making the building more desirable to prospective tenants while improving retention rates.

Emergency Mass Notification

Emergency Mass Notification
depends on adequate in-building cellular service from all major carriers. Without an acceptable cellular signal level, messages can't be delivered to everyone, placing occupants at risk. Signal Compliance Solutions solves this problem.

Colleges, universities, healthcare
, and other large facilities rely on Signal Compliance Solutions to ensure alert notifications regarding security threats, disasters, dangerous weather conditions and other emergencies. are delivered to building occupants.

The Clery Act requires colleges and universities to ensure Emergency Mass Notifications reach the entire campus community. Cellular service from all major carriers must work everywhere on campus.

Who We Work With

Colleges, Universities, Healthcare, Commercial Buildings, Stadiums, and Government / Municipal Properties


Building owners rely on SCS to provide performance specifications and custom solutions for individual structures, From testing, engineering design, equipment installation, and ongoing service, SCS delivers.


SCS works directly with architectural firms and contractors to design and install in-building emergency radio coverage (ERC). cellular enhancement services and WiFI networks during planning and new construction, ensuring Code Compliance is achieved, cellular signal levels and WiFi service meet tenant expectations upon completion.


As new IFC and NFPA Fire Codes are introduced, low-voltage and fire alarm protection contractors require solutions from a trusted partner. Contractors use SCS' services to provide their customers with a comprehensive suite of Fire Code measurement and management capabilities.

We Deliver

SCS is passionate about making buildings safe for occupants and First Responders.

Our cellular enhancement & booster systems add a second dimension to safety while improving the quality of service for tenants.

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