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Cellular Boosting
5G is now operational. Is your building ready? 

Professional Design, Installation, and Service of In-Building Cellular Boosting Systems

Signal Compliance Corporation (SCC) serves buildings 5,000 to 600,000 sq/ft. SCC takes a modular approach when designing in-building cellular booster systems.  

  Why your organization should choose SCC

  • Verizon and AT&T Refer Customers to Signal Compliance Corp

  • Proven Experience - Professional Results

  • First Class FCC Commercial License (GROL)

  • Trained and Certified with Major Equipment Vendors

  • Professional Installation

  • 24/7 Monitoring and System Support

  • Projects are Completed On-Time and Within Budget​

  • Leading Edge Test Equipment - 3-D Heat Maps Identify Weak Zones

  • Software Modeling for Optimum Equipment Placement

Implementation Process

Initial Consultation
(telephone or in-person)

  • Identify problem - areas requiring cellular boosting - which carrier(s) 

  • Outline testing methodology and system design process

  • Define basic scope of work

  • Agree on roles and responsibilities


  • Existing structure: SCC performs testing throughout the building, measuring the signal strength of all major cellular carriers.  SCC then designs a system to best address the challenges of working in a finished and occupied building.

  • New construction: SCC reviews the architectural plans and imports the building's CAD files into our 3-D software modeling tools to design the entire system.


  • Coordinate with cellular carriers for project approvals

  • Prepare bill of materials and scope of work 

  • System installation and activation

  • Post-installation signal testing and verification

  • Completion documents and customer acceptance

Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support

  • Signal Compliance Corp performs 24/7 system monitoring 

  • FCC licensed technicians perform on-site maintenance 

  • Signal Compliance Corp rapidly dispatches trained personnel if support is required

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