Cellular Boosting

Professional Design, Installation, and Service of In-Building Cellular Boosting Systems

Signal Compliance Corporation (SCC) serves medium sized buildings 5,000 to 400,000 sq/ft. SCC takes a modular approach when designing in-building cellular booster systems.  

  Why your organization should choose SCC

  • Verizon and AT&T Refer Customers to Signal Compliance

  • Proven Experience - Professional Results

  • First Class FCC Commercial License (GROL)

  • Trained and Certified with Equipment Vendors

  • Professional Installation

  • 24/7 Monitoring and System Support

  • Projects are Completed On-Time and Within Budget​


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  • Leading Edge Test Equipment - 3-D Heat Maps Identify Weak Zones

  • Software Modeling for Optimum Equipment Placement

Implementation Process

Initial Consultation
(telephone or in-person)

  • Identify problem - areas requiring cellular boosting - which carrier(s) 

  • Purchase or monthly service agreement - SCC offers both options

  • Outline testing methodology and system design process

  • Define basic scope of work

  • Agree on roles and responsibilities


  • If a structure is in the new construction planning phase, SCC reviews the architectural plans in CAD format. SCC imports the building's CAD files into our 3-D software modeling tools to design the entire system.

    If it's an existing structure, SCC performs testing throughout the building, measuring the signal strength of all major cellular carriers.  SCC then designs a system to best address the challenges of working in a finished and occupied building.


  • Coordinate with cellular carriers for project approvals

  • Prepare bill of materials and scope of work 

  • System installation and activation

  • Post-installation signal testing and verification

  • Completion documents and customer acceptance

Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support

  • SCC performs 24/7 system monitoring 

  • FCC licensed technicians perform on-site maintenance 

  • SCC rapidly dispatches trained personnel if support is required