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Signal Compliance

Team Work

About Signal Compliance

Signal Compliance is a team of talented individuals who perform in-building wireless testing, design, deploy and operate in-building Public Safety and Cellular wireless communication networks using the most advanced technology available today. 

Signal Compliance understands in-building cellular coverage and IFC / NFPA Fire Code Compliance are mission critical is to in-building wireless communications.

Our team averages over 25 years of wireless experience including: cellular, LMR (land-mobile-radio for Police & Fire), FCC licensed microwave, global military installations, carrier projects, Wi-Fi, and others. The company holds the highest-ranking FCC Commercial License and is authorized to install cellular base stations, Public Safety radio networks, and government systems. The Signal Compliance team, is certified with major manufacturers and well-qualified to serve all customer requirements. 

Our Focus: 
In-Building Cellular Boosting

Signal Compliance provides the most robust and cost-effective in-building cellular solutions in the industry.  Our approach focuses on cost-effective cellular enhancement solutions for buildings from 5,000 to 600,000 square feet and larger. 


Signal Compliance's modular approach boosts indoor cell coverage cost-effectively. We enhance the weak signals only in the most troublesome areas. Building owners are saved from installing an expensive multi-carrier DAS head-end and new fiber optic cabling throughout the entire building.

Today's building occupants use mobile devices both indoors and outdoors. Strong in-building cellular coverage is a requirement. Cellular service is now a utility. Hospitals, hotels, schools and universities, convention centers, office buildings, shopping malls and other public venues must have good coverage to retain clients.


Signal Compliance's modular approach offers a low-cost solution with excellent signal coverage.

Public Safety

2018 Fire Codes (IFC 510 / NFPA 72) mandate new commercial buildings must have adequate in-building Public Safety radio coverage for Emergency Responders. Unfortunately, the building's critical areas normally have the weakest radio coverage in areas such as basements, stairwells, elevator areas, and fire control rooms.


For new construction, Signal Compliance imports the building's CAD drawings into radio frequency modeling software to plan locations of Public Safety radio boosting equipment bi-directional amplifiers (BDA's).

Existing structures require SCC staff go on location and test the Public Safety radio signal levels throughout the entire building. SCC then designs a boosting plans using BDA's to remedy all weak signal areas.

Signal Compliance holds and FCC Commercial GROL, the highest license issued by the FCC and is authorized to work on Public Safety networks.

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