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Indoor Cellular

DAS Installation

Cellular DAS and In-Building IFC / NFPA Wireless Fire Code Integration

Floor Plan Evaluation

Our first interaction with a potential premises for system installation starts with the floor plan evaluation. This will provide us with a good understanding of the potential system performance requirements and estimate monthly system support costs for commercial properties or the system cost for public safety applications. We inform our clients of the evaluation results and develop a plan of action. Then, our SCC project manager and design engineer schedule a follow up meeting to go over the solution details, coverage demands and budgetary requirements.

Site Survey & Evaluation

Signal Compliance sends a team of professionals to a designated property to conduct a thorough site walk and evaluation of existing cellular and or {ublic Safety radio coverage status, structural materials, possible server antenna locations and considers environmental conditions. They measure signal strength in each room of every floor of the building and identify pockets of weak signal and potentially problematic areas.

System Design, Equipment Installation and Optimization 

Based on the floor plan evaluation and survey, customer expectations and code requirements, our engineers design a custom system with the components that would maximize coverage and improve speeds and performance.

To optimize the system, our team performs up-link and down-link configurations, donor fine-tunes each carrier signal, and perform indoor antenna adjustments.

Post-Installation Support and Maintenance

Signal Compliance provides Free lifetime maintenance and support for all our clients in the commercial property sector that signed up for our monthly no CAPEX cellular coverage plan. DAS systems installed for Public Safety sector will incur fees for maintenance and support.  All equipment warranties are based on each manufacturer's specifics. In certain cases remote and onsite work may require additional fees.

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