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Cellular Boosting and Public Safety

Wireless In-Building Communications Solutions

Signal Compliance Corp (SCC) provides in-building signal testing, design, installation and support services for boosting cellular coverage for all major carriers. Our services also include in-building Public Safety radio testing and certification as per IFC and NFPA Fire Codes. SCC's planning, engineering, installation and ongoing support ensures fully functional coverage for all in-building wireless services: Cellular - DAS / small-cell and Public Safety / Emergency Responder radios,

Process Overview


  • Identify building requirements and budget expectations

  • Perform on-site signal strength measurements and prepare 3-D iBwave radio signal "heat-map" report

  • Deliver an engineering profile with a bill of materials, wiring requirements and locations of equipment

  • SCS handles in-building rebroadcast rights with carriers

  • Coordinates testing and installation with local Fire Department  

  • System installation and commissioning

  • Project completion and customer acceptance

  • System monitoring and maintenance

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