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Campus Safety

Achieve Current Fire Code Certification - IFC 510 / NFPA 72

Comprehensive In-Building Wireless Testing - Police / Fire Dept / EMS

Emergency Communications Planning

In-Building Radio Coverage Assessment

Signal Compliance Offers a Complete In-Building Wireless Survey:

Police, Fire Dept, School / University Radio, Cellular, WiFi

Structures Built Before 2018 Have Not Been Tested for Emergency Radio Communications


• FCC Licensed Technicians

• Coordination with local Police /Fire Depts

• Leading Edge Test Equipment

• Comprehensive Radio Signal Testing

     - Fire Dept / EMS

     - Police Department

     - School / University Radio Frequencies

     - All Cellular Carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile

• Report Demonstrating Radio Coverage

     - iBwave generated "Heat Map" Graphics 

     - Provide to Insurance Carrier

Obtain Certificate of Fire Code Compliance

      - Meets IFC 510/ NFPA 72


Building Occupants and Emergency Responders are Safe

Building is Certified to meet IFC 510 / NFPA 72 Fire Codes      - Reliable Indoor Police, Fire, and EMS Radio Coverage

• Identify areas of weak / zero coverage

• Testing is affordable

• Tests performed weekends / nights

• If building has weak signal areas, we develop a plan to      achieve IFC 510 / NFPA 72 Fire Code Compliance

In-Building Wireless Signal

Indoor Signal Strength “Heat-Maps”

Demonstrating Radio Coverage


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