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Connectivity Means Productivity!

Property managers, owners and builders have a great opportunity to increase their profits because attracting modern, mobility-favoring tenants is the key to success. Making sure your property does not miss out on revenue by losing tenants to turnover, or not to getting them in the first place should be a priority. To get them in the door, your property must be well-equipped and maintained in your tenants’ eyes. Tenant today have needs that require mobile connectivity, an area in which many properties are lacking. All standard utilities (water, energy) and amenities (parking, workout facilities) that you already provide will not suffice today. A new utility, in-building wireless, has taken a permanent place in that category and become a compelling way to attract and retain tenants in our technology-centric era.

Where do you start?

What every building owner needs to do to be competitive in this market is to evaluate its present cellular signal status. The first step one needs to make is to contact us for a free floorpan evaluation. Our implementation process starts with a discovery meeting and consultation either by phone or in person.

  • We Identify problem - areas requiring cellular boosting - which carrier(s) 

  • We present options: purchasing the system or monthly service agreement

  • We outline testing methodology and system design process

  • We define basic scope of work and agree on roles and responsibilities

Connectivity is critical for any company that is technologically advanced, as it directly related to productivity of their employees. However, the responsibility for ensuring that connectivity is increasingly being placed on employers.

Employee productivity depends on reliable all-carrier in-building cellular coverage. This becomes a required utility for effective business operations.

How to benefit from in-building DAS

We live in a mobile world. So, don't get behind and make sure you provide better wireless communications inside your office buildings and other structures. Signal Compliance can help you avoid paying high price for indoor wireless systems. Instead, we can offer you an affordable monthly plan that would

  • Improve tenant retention

  • Command higher rents with cellular enhanced properties

  • Attract new tenants - easier to rent or lease

  • Keep key accounts happy

Indoor wireless coverage is no longer an optional convenience. It’s a necessity for increasing the ROI potential of your properties.

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