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It's Like a Mercedes

Getting Peace of Mind with Your In-Building Cellular Coverage It’s like leasing a Mercedes. You don't have to own it - but you get to enjoy it! With our in-building cellular boosting system, you don't have to own it - but you get to enjoy a strong all-carrier indoor signal for a low monthly fee. In-building DAS systems are expensive, require monitoring, support and maintenance. Most of the time landlords do not want to incur any capital expenditure and leave their tenants at a disadvantage. Less than 5% of commercial real estate provide this new micro utility to its tenants.

Jump in and enjoy the ride!
You don't have to own it - but you get to enjoy it!

Today's mobile and connected reality makes excellent indoor cellular coverage a requirement. Productivity depends on connectivity today. Therefore, businesses are inclined to lease spaces that have this utility included. Smart building owners are proactive. They know how to gain peace of mind with their tenant retention and attract a new generation of connectivity-sensitive clientele. Properties with excellent indoor cellular signal gain additional resale value and allow landlords to command a higher rent.

So, get into our Mercedes and enjoy the ride!

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