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Are you ready to embrace the Renaissance of Physical Retail?

"It is imperative that brands do recognize that importance of owning a physical #space that is #digitally enhanced and strategically positioned to serve today’s hyper-connected consumers."

Read this great article and ask me how my company ( can make your #commercial #realestate #properties digital-experience ready and add to your bottom line. Enhance your in-building connectivity to satisfy connectivity-sensitive clients.

Enhance your retail property with excellent in-building cellular signal for voice and data applications and attract connectivity-sensitive tenants.

By now, you have probably read a headline or two about the “retail apocalypse,” an understandable yet sensationalized moniker denoting the closing of a swath of U.S. retail stores, especially those of large chains, in recent years. Notable casualties include Radioshack, American Apparel, and Toys R Us. Many are quick to point to the booming ecommerce as the culprit, but that is not the whole picture.

By all accounts, physical retail is not dying, but it is certainly changing. One could even say that it is going through a renaissance of sorts, as the newcomers look to reinvent the in-store experience by honing in on strategic differentiation and leveraging digital technologies to fulfill the ultimate promise of convenience. For retailers and brands with their own stores, this is an exciting time full of opportunities for reinventing their customer experiences through innovation coupled with the right strategies. Read more here.

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